School & Education

We want to provide parents with a starting point for understanding their education options in Sooke as well as, how to work collaboratively with educators to ensure the success of their child.

Our Core Beliefs


We have 3 core beliefs as it relates to the success of children with A.S.D. in the school system:

  1. Your child needs you to advocate proactively for them right from the start - be involved, totally involved

  2. Approach educators with a spirit of collaboration, they want success for your child too but resources are limited 

  3. Everyone needs to be flexible, caring, patient and creative to ensure your child reaches their full potential

Your School Team

The core members of your child's school-based team deliver services to your child at school during school hours:


  • Learning Support Coordinator - Responsible for creating, updating overseeing implementation of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) as well as, coordinating the school-based team (IEP planning and as needed). 

  • Teacher(s) - Work directly with your child in the classroom setting to maximize their learning outcomes (daily contact).

  • Educational Assistant (EAs) - Work directly with your child in or outside of the classroom to assist with life-skills, learning and social integration while at school (daily contact).

  • Speech Language Professional (SLP) - Work directly with your child to assist with speech and language, which improves overall communication.   

  • Occupational Therapist (OT) - Work directly with your child to assist with sensory and motor-skill issues to help them cope and adapt to challenges in their environment.

  • Physio Therapist (PT) - Work directly with your child to improve physical abilities or work on specific physical challenges.


It's important to note that your school-based team is there to augment your out-of-school support team to maximize the continued development of your child. 

Graduation Outcomes

There are two tracks of graduation outcomes for children with A.S.D. and the one that is best for your child will depend on their individual intellectual abilities.  


  • Dogwood Diploma - This is the 'mainstream' graduation certificate issued to all students who meet the High School academic requirements for the Province of BC.

  • Evergreen Certificate - This is the graduation certificate issued to students who are unable to meet the academic requirements for the Province of BC.  This would include students participating fully in the "Life Skills Program". 

Students with special needs, such as ASD are eligible (but not required) to participate in one additional year of high school.  This 'bonus' year can be used to further assist students with their life-skills, academics or a combination of both.  ​It can be valuable in preparing them for the next chapter of their life as the venture into adulthood.