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Helpful Tools

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Depending on the age of your child and their specific support requirements, here are a few other items that may assist in creating predictability, organization and good communication.


  • Visual Schedule of Class Days by time including Subjects and Breaks (recess, lunch, go home) 

    • This can be in picture or word form or a combination of both​

    • This can be attached directly to the child's desk, kept in a locker or put in a binder for easy reference

    • This can also be kept digitally on a device they can readily access

    • Here is a sample of an  EMCS schedule

  • Back N' Forth Book used by the EA, Teacher and Parents to communicate on a regular basis

    • This can be a simple coiled notebook with lined pages of smaller size (24 x 15 cm) 

    • This should be checked and reviewed every day

    • It’s also a great place to secure any notices that need to be sent back and forth

  • Day-Timer or Agenda for your child to use to stay organized   

    • This can be in hard copy (school-specific or generic) or digital on a device

    • Choose the format which is most effective for your child ​

    • It can be used to keep track of homework, projects and test due dates

    • It can also be used to keep track of after-school or extra-curricular activities

Attached is a print-friendly copy of the Helpful Tips & Tools.

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