SASS Meetings & Community Events

Monthly Meetings will run September through May with the exception of December and they are always on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at Seaparc in the Boardroom.

The meetings will have two key components: one is a special topic
, which may result in a guest speaker and the other is a round-table discussion of what matters most to participating SASS members.  These discussions will help define our future special topics and guest speakers.

Calendar of Events Sept 2021 to June 2022 

September 21       Welcome back to another year of SASS!

October 19             Special Topic:  Autism Funding & Your Autism Team and Community
                                  Guest Speaker:  Kimberly Skillings, CYSN Social Worker Ministry of Children & Family Development

November 16        Special Topic:  Navigating Education Options & Maximizing Your Child's Success
                                 Guest Speaker: Linda Lamers, District Vice Principal Inclusive Education SD62 
                                 Guest Speaker: Veronika Kurucz, Inclusion Coach Inclusive Education SD62 
                                  Distribution of the Holiday Care & Craft Packages

December Community Events (No Meeting)            
                                 Sensory Santa Family Photos
- December Dates posted on SASS FB page
                                 Festival of Trees & Free Family Swim - Festival of Trees cancelled this year, however we have
                                 included Seaparc Family Passes in the Holiday Packages so you can skate or swim together!


January  18           Special Topic:  Navigating Home-Schooling Options with Your Child with ASD * via Zoom
                                Guest Speaker: Tania Stearns-Smith, Program Director of Blossoming at the Farm Society

February  15         Special Topic:  Sooke Options for After-School, Day & Summer Camp * via Zoom
                                Guest Speaker: SASS Executive & Parent Contribution

March  15              Special Topic: Speech Language Therapists: An Important Part of Your Child's Team   
                                Guest Speaker:  Vanessa Khu, R.SLP - Victoria Speech & Language Center Inc.

April Community Events for Autism Acceptance Month
                                 SASS Free Family Swim Event - Passes distributed in April 
                                 April 19 
Annual General Meeting (AGM) Required as a Non-Profit Society

May 14                  Annual Bottle Drive Fundraiser 10-2 pm under the Seaparc Sign

May 17                  An Introduction to the New Service Hub Model
                                Guest Speaker:  Kimberly Skillings, CYSN Social Worker Ministry of Children & Family Development

                   We are hoping to make a Sibshops available in Sooke this year along with other workshops
                   for children with ASD and their families.  Dates & topics to be announced.

Calendar of Events Sept 2020 to May 2021 (Last Year)

September 22      Welcome Back SASS! via Zoom

October 20           How to Support Your Child with ASD During COVID                             
                                Guest Speaker: Lexie Kosic, M.ED, BCBA of FIVE Behavioral & Education Services

November 17       What You Need to Know About Autism Funding & Building Your Team                             
                                Guest Speaker:  Sheila Needs, CYSN Social Worker at the Ministry of Children & Family                                                                         Development

December           Festival of Trees & Free Family Swim - Cancelled due to COVID                             
                               Sensory Santa Photo Night - Cancelled due to COVID                             
                               Holiday Craft & Care Packages - Available first 2 weeks of December

January 19         
Communication tips for Individuals with ASD                             
                               Guest Speaker: Deb Woodland, SLP

February 16          Understanding Speech Therapy & How it Helps Individuals with ASD,                             
                               Guest Speaker: Aryn Franklin R.SLP with Wild Seeds Speech, Language & Supported                                                                              Learning Services

March 16               Getting Your Teen/Adult Prepared for Employment & Volunteering
                               Guest Speakers: Karina Zobolotny & Melissa MacEwan from CanAssist.

May 8                    Annual Bottle Drive Fundraiser 10-2 pm under the Seaparc Sign

April 20                 First ever Annual General Meeting as a Non-Profit Society