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Our Lending Library

Pooling Our Resources


We all know how much A.S.D. services and supplies can quickly add up.  Therefore, we'd like to pool our collective resources and give parents an opportunity to share items they can no longer use.  This will allow you to assist with the continued development of your child by directing more of the funding to services instead of supplies - which are often mastered and then never used again.   

Our Library of Resources

So far, our library of resources includes the following:

  • Books

  • DVD Videos

  • Board Games

  • Super Duper Fun Decks

  • & More!

You will notice there are SASS items in the Lending Library which represent items donated to SASS by various owners.  You can access these items by emailing us directly from the "Contact" page.  We will also bring a random selection of items from our Lending Library to each SASS Meeting. 


Other items in the Lending Library are owned by individuals and in this case, you can contact the individual directly as per their information provided and arrange the temporary use of their item.  We recommend a maximum borrow time of 3 months to ensure others can also benefit from all items in the Lending Library.  We welcome any donations you may to the SASS Lending Library!

Click Here for Items Available



Cool Places to Purchase Supplies

If you can't find what you are looking for in our lending library, you may want to try these providers who specialize in toys, tools and resources for those with special needs:

You can also check out the Lending Library available through our affiliate 

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