Finding Service Providers

To assist you with the search of qualified service providers, we've assembled a list below along with links to their website and/or Facebook page so you can learn more.  The descriptions below have been taken directly from the service provider's informational material.  We encourage you to explore your options and choose the team of service providers which best fits your child's needs.    

Building Bridges Community Support  (Operates in Sooke)

Building Bridges offers supports and services to children, youth and adults with diverse abilities in  Sooke and the Greater Victoria area. Supports and services are provided in-home, in the community and on site at Building Bridges located in Sooke.


Adult services include: Community and Home Based Services; Supported Living - Outreach Support; Skill Development; Respite Services; and Out and About Respite.  For information about Adult Services, please contact Pamela Hollands at 250-889-9324.


Children's services include: Early Intervention for children under 6 years old with Autism; Social Groups for all children with diverse abilities; and Respite Support.  For information about Children's Services, please contact Astrid Koenig at 250-634-3020.

Sooke Options for Community Living (Operates in Sooke & a Guest Speaker at our Mar 2018 Meeting)

Sooke Options for Community Living Association (SOCLA) is a non-profit society that supports people who have developmental disabilities and their families in the Sooke area. SOCLA began as a group of parents, educators and caregivers in the Sooke area excited at the prospect of providing programs and services in the Sooke area for families with children, youth and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In October 1998, SOCLA was incorporated and registered as a non-profit organization.


Over the years the Board of Directors, members and employees have worked together to establish day camps during the summer, winter and spring school holidays for children and youth with disabilities, an adult day program, a life skills program for children and youth and support individual life skills contracts for adults.


Five provides flexible, fun learning opportunities for your child or youth.  Working together with families, we design a therapeutic program for your child to address their individual needs.  FIVE has experienced, RASP qualified, Board Certified Behaviour Analysts ready to support your family. 

Pivot Point 

Pivot Point is a social service agency for children and adults with diverse abilities throughout BC. Simply put, we make things change… for the better!

  • We support behavioural, emotional, psychological, and educational needs!

  • We are committed to supporting your whole family!

  • We are innovative… and uncommonly accountable!

  • We are one of the largest AUTISM treatment centres for children and adults in BC!

  • We tailor all services to the unique needs of each family!

  • We are a top tier accredited service agency!

Victoria Speech + Language Centre (Westshore-Based)

At Victoria Speech and Language Centre, we are a team of experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists committed to working with children and their families in a neurodiversity affirming approach.


We will be providing speech and language therapy in Sooke weekly on Fridays and available for home or office-based sessions.

Building Blocks

We strongly believe in a strength-based, family-centered approach that focuses on the strengths and capacity of individuals and their families.We believe that families know their children best and that children with a diagnosis are children first. Our work is deeply rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, with a strong foundation in evidence-based, ef...fective practices. We will sit down and prioritize goals with families and individuals prior to any assessments, and then focus on functional acquisition and generalization of skills and tools into the natural environment.


We use a balance of one-to-one Intensive training opportunities, parent and family coaching and Natural Environment Training. We believe all assessments, progress evaluations, and outcomes need to be individualized, measurable, thorough, and socially valid. We are strong proponents of Positive Behaviour Support using preventative approaches, teaching and reinforcing new skills and behaviors. We believe that professionals need to stay updated and informed on the research and practices in this field and learn from other disciplines and theoretical approaches. We look forward to working collaboratively with school and community-based teams and other clinical professionals with you.

Community Living Victoria

On December 16, 1955, a group of dedicated parents founded what is now called Community Living Victoria (CLV). Today, as the largest non-profit community living service provider on Vancouver Island, Community Living Victoria provides a range of support services to children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Community Living Victoria recognizes the rights of everyone to have a full range of life choices, including access to education, affordable and appropriate housing, leisure options, gainful employment and participation in the community. A healthy community encourages the involvement of everyone.  Our services include:

  • Family Support

  • Employment Services

  • Parent Support

  • Host and Individualized Funding

  • Community Inclusion

  • Residential Services

  • Youth Services


Little Steps

We offer behaviour, speech language, occupational, art, and physio therapy assessment and treatment services to children and adolescents. 

Our services can be used to address a number of developmental or learning challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, and Undiagnosed Social Deficits. Our services do not require a diagnosis or referral.

Katherine Paxton Counselling Services

Katherine Paxton is a Canadian Certified Counsellor supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, multiple disabilities, and dual diagnoses (or multiple diagnoses). Katherine's current focus is counselling people who are on the autism spectrum, their families, partners/spouses, children and employers. Katherine's office is located in Victoria B.C. She also provides distance counselling services via Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

Victoria Group Perspectives Therapy Services

The primary focus of Group Perspectives is to provide social cognitive therapy for children and youth 2 to 18 years of age who are challenged with:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Asperger Syndrome

  • ADD/HD

  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

  • Others with un-diagnosed social challenges

Functional Learning Center

We are here to provide evidence-based behavior analytic services to allow learners with Autism and other developmental and behavioral disabilities achieve their full potential. Our Services include: