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Getting Started!
Preschool is the first exposure your child will have to a school-type environment and of course you want their experience to be a positive one.
Preschool students with A.S.D. can benefit from additional planning and preparation leading up to their very first day of school, which represents a significant change in their routine.  You can prepare them with books, videos, social stories, and extra visits to the preschool location.  If the preschool has structured times for doing things, create a visual schedule with pictures - words - or both!  This could include simply things like:
  • Preschool Start Time
  • Snack Time
  • Designated Activities Times (i.e. Art, Outside, Reading, etc.)
  • Preschool End Time
You may even have them help you draw a map of the classroom - this can be fun.
You can also create a visual schedule of the activities leading up to and after preschool. This can be done in a couple of ways: ask your service provider to create one using the Board-Maker program or create one yourself.  You can also purchase magnetic ones from a company like Easy Daysies.  
Extra Support is So Important
One of the best ways to ensure your child's success is to ensure there is suitable support for them at preschool.  It's critical the preschool is informed of your child's diagnosis prior to starting so they can access funding and additional supports required to help ensure your child thrives in this new environment.  The experience they have in preschool creates an important first impression for their launch in to Elementary School.
Be Positive
Although this can be a very stressful and overwhelming transition for you and your child, be aware they will pick up on the cues around them.  It's so important you remain positive and enthusiastic so they don't experience even more anxiety. 
Preschools in Sooke
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