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Summer Camps

There are several summer options available for you to consider.  We recommend you determine which is the best for your child based on their abilities, strengths and interests.

Summer Services for Children with Disabilities 

RIV produces an annual publication which is distributed in the spring and features Summer Camp opportunities specifically for children with special needs in the Greater Victoria Area.

Click on the yellow RIV booklet to see what Summer Camps are available. 

Sooke Options for Community Living

Sooke Options for Community Living (SOCLA) offers their Journey Summer Camp throughout the summer.  Click on their logo to learn more about the specific programs they have to offer.


Sooke Seaparc also offers a variety of summer programs for children of all ages. Click on the Seaparc Summer Brochure for more information.

If your child is able to function in these camps without additional assistance register for the camps you feel would be suitable based on their likes and interests.  We recommend you create awareness with the Seaparc staff regarding anything that will make for an enjoyable summer season.


If your child does require additional support at camp, there is a program that may be able to assist you with this.  The QA Supportive Care Program can provide funding directly to Seaparc based on how many hours of camp your child is attending to ensure a Seaparc Camp Leader is devoted to your child's success at camp. 

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