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Autism Funding

Autism Funding


If your child is diagnosed with autism, make an appointment with a children and youth special needs worker at a local office. In Sooke, the Child and Family Services Office is located at 108-6672 Wadams Way (1-250-642-7748). They will help guide you through the process of obtaining funding and can answer questions you may have. Below is some general autism funding information and some links to help guide you.  Autism Funding is divided into two categories:

Funding for children under age 6: Families can access up to $22,000.00 per year per child to help pay for eligible autism intervention services and therapies. Parents are requested to select professional service providers from the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP).


Funding for children 6 – 18: Families can access up to $6,000.00 per year per child to help pay for eligible out-of-school autism intervention services and therapies.


For more information regarding Funding and Autism Information click HERE.

  • Here you will find links to extra support services such as Autism Information Services BC, Autism Society of BC, Canuck's Autism Network, children and teens with special needs and many more avenues for additional support.


For more information the Autism Funding Unit can be reached at 250.387.3530 or  You can also visit their website at


Dual Diagnosis Funding

Parents with children with multiple diagnoses may also be eligible for the At Home Program which is designed to offer support to children and teens with a severe disability or complex health care needs. More information about this program click HERE.  


In July of this year, the Ministry of Children and Family Development transfer services previously offered by ACT BC to Autism Information Services BC (AIS BC). AIS BC’s mandate will include responsibility for provincial autism information, resources, referrals, and the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP). These services are currently provided by ACT and will formally transfer to MCFD on June 30, 2017. They can be reached at  


Refer to the Children and Youth with Special Needs "Overview of Children's Services".

Planning for Your Families Financial Security

To maximize your family's financial security, it is important you are aware of the Tax Credits and Deductions for Persons with Disabilities.  It is recommended you work with a professional Accountant to assist you with proper guidance and tax planning. This will include understanding how to benefit from the Disability Tax Credit, Medical Expenses, Disability Supports Deduction and the Child Disability Benefit.​ 

Planning for the Financial Future of Your Child with A.S.D.

Planning for the future financial security of your child with A.S.D. is very important and it's never too early to start. You should always seek the services of a professional Financial Planner to discuss your individual situation to ensure you get proper guidance and advice.

One method of planning for future financial security of your child is through the Registered Disability Savings Plan.

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