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The SASS Ambassador of Inclusion Award is open to any graduating student at EMCS who has demonstrated an enthusiastic commitment to promoting the positive inclusion of those with special needs at home, at school and/or within the community.

The SASS Individual Support Award is open to a graduating student at EMCS who has a designated special need and has demonstrated an overall positive attitude and effort towards school.  In addition, they must have created a 'plan' for their future after EMCS to help them manage the youth to adult transition.   

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College Students


We are delighted to reward and recognize those who actively promote the inclusion of those with special needs in the home, at school and in the community in a variety of ways. These types of individual have a profound impact on the Special Needs people they support, the families of those with Special Needs and the entire community.  We want to promote more of this in our beautiful town of Sooke.

If you or someone you know is worthy of this acknowledgement, please have the complete the Applications Forms below and submit them to EMCS on/by Monday, May 6th 2024.  

All submissions are carefully reviewed by the Scholarship Committee at EMCS to determine the successful applicant.


The Sooke Autism Support Society (SASS) does not participate in the decision-making and determination of the successful candidate.

SASS Ambassador of Inclusion Scholarship Application 2024 

SASS Individual Support Scholarship Application 2024 



We are pleased to share with you the wonderful group of past SASS Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2023 Owen Hilderley & Coen Brumovsky

  • 2022 Sam Ostropolski

  • 2021 Tayalynn Stephens

  • ​2020 Madeline Fisher

  • ​2019 Craig Phipps

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